Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cheat Sheet

This is an accountant joke, but since it is part of an i-banker's job to work with financial statements, I thought I could post this here as well:

“A very respected accountant was facing retirement. He had served loyally for 40 years, and in that long and distinguished career never misplaced or misreported a single penny. However, early in his career colleagues had noticed a foible.”

“Every morning when he arrived at work, the gentleman opened his top desk drawer, lowered his head over the drawer, and mediated for a full two minutes. Then he closed the drawer and started the day.”

“After celebrating the retirement of this beloved friend, his coworkers were sad to start a new week without him. But many decades of curiosity could now be satisfied, what accounting secret was hidden is in that drawer?”

“A large assemblage of accountants crowded around his desk early that Monday morning while the head of accounting opened his desk drawer to see what accounting mystery it held. The group listened with rapt attention as she read the small note taped inside his top drawer!”

“Debits on the left, Credits on the right.”

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