Sunday, May 18, 2008

Banner Year

The property developer told his banker, "The way things are going, this could be my banner year."

Six months later he hung out the banner: BANKRUPTCY SALE.

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Rich Man

There was a girl who had been "dishonored" by an INVESTMENT BANKER. The girl's father, rifle in hand, confronted the investment banker. "You have dishonored my daughter," said the angry father.

"I am a rich man," said the accused and promised to pay for his indiscretion -- $550,000 for a baby boy, $500,000 for a girl.

"What if my daughter has a miscarriage?" demanded the father. "Will you give her another chance?"

Big Time

An INVESTMENT BANKER submitted his expense account. Stabbing at it with his forefinger, the boss demanded, "What's this big item?"

"Oh," said the investment banker, "that's just my hotel bill."

"Well," said the boss, "don't buy any more hotels!"

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